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All natural nasal spray, with a kick!

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I've suffered from non-allergic rhinitis for 14 years.

This is the only product that has ever warded off my runny nose with any kind of dependability...and it's completely natural! Finally relief!

FloGB Toronto (Amazon Customer)

Works better than prescription medication!

I have suffered from sinus congestion and pain for months. I have tried LOTS of prescription sprays and medications and nothing really helped. I started using this along with saline nose spray and I saw results immediately. It cleared out my sinuses and relieving pressure within 10 minutes. I HIGHLY recommend it if you suffer from a sinus problem. Just beware it does give you a burning/tingling sensation initially but it will fade...its worth it though.


It really works!

I've had chronic sinus issues for most of my life. Last year was so bad that I was on steroid sprays and my allergies were debilitating.

I would wake up in the night and could barely function when they were at their worst.I didn't really have any expectations for this nasal spray but oh my gosh it really works!

I'm off the steroid spray, I take one spray in the morning and at night and I feel great.

I would highly recommend trying it. It might now work for you but if it does it's a game-changer.


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